Xiaojing Wang

Assistant Professor

Office: AUST 334
Phone: (860)-486-3415
E-Mail: xiaojing.wang@uconn.edu
Personal Website

Research Interests

Latent Variable Modeling and Mixture Models; Gaussian Processes and Computer Models; Subgroup Analysis and Variable Selection; State Space Models and Time Series Data Analysis; Nonparametric and Semi-parametric Methods; Missing Data and Measurement Error Models; Shape Constrained Estimation; Objective Bayes

Selected Publications

  • (With W. Li, M.-H. Chen, & D. K. Dey) 2017. Bayesian design of non-inferiority clinical trials via the Bayes factor. Statistics in Biosciences, in press.
  • (With Z. Wei & E. Conlon) 2017. Parallel computing methods for Bayesian dynamic item response models in educational testing. Stat, in press.
  • (With J.O. Berger) 2016. Estimating shape constrained functions using a new class of Gaussian processes. Journal on Uncertainty Quantification, 4(1), 1-25.
  • (With Y. Xie & J.A. Silander) 2015. Autumn phenology of deciduous forest communities respond to temperature, rainfall patterns, drought implying for complex climate change impacts. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(44), 13585-13590.