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Tech Reports Fall 2014

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Fall 2014

Id Authors Title
1 X. Wang, J. Pancras & D.K. Dey Investigating Nested Geographic Structure in Consumer Purchases: A Bayesian Dynamic Multi-scale Spatiotemporal Modeling Approach
2 J.G. Ibrahim, M-H. Chen, M. Lakshminarayanan, G.F. Liu & J.F. Heyse Bayesian Probability of Success for Clinical Trials Using Historical Data
3 J.G. Ibrahim, M-H. Chen, H. Amy Xia, T. Liu & V. Hennessey Bayesian Meta-Experimental Design for Evaluating Cardiovascular Risk
4 D. Zhang, M-H. Chen, J.G. Ibrahim, M.E. Boye, W. Shen Bayesian Model Assessment in Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data with Applications to Cancer Clinical Trials
5 D. Zhang, M-H. Chen, J.G. Ibrahim, M.E. Boye & W. Shen Assessment of Fit in Longitudinal Data for Joint Models with Applications to Cancer Clinical Trials
6 W. Li, M-H. Chen, H. Tan & D.K. Dey Bayesian Design of Non-Inferiority Clinical Trials with Co-Primary Endpoints and Multiple Dose Comparison
7 R. Venkatesan, W. Reinartz & N. Ravishanker ZIP Models for CLV Based Customer Management Using Attitudinal and Behavioral Data
8 H-K. Jeong, M-H. Chen & S. Kang Proportional Exponentiated Link Transformed Hazards (ELTH) Models for Discrete Time Survival Data with Applications
9 Z. Wang, J. Yan & X. Zhang Incorporating Spatial Dependence in Regional Frequency Analysis
10 Z. Wang, J. Yan & X. Zhang Toward Optimal Fingerprinting in Detection of Changes in Climate Extremes with Combined Score Equations 
11 K. Chen & Y. Ma Analysis of Double Single Index Models
12 W. Lin, K. Chen & J. Lv Sparse Orthogonal Factor Regression
13 D.J. Fresen & R.A. Vitale Concentration of random polytopes around the expected convex hull
14 G. Goh & D.K. Dey Bayesian Modeling of Sparse High-Dimensional Data using Divergence Measures
15 Z. Wei & L. Kuo Combining P Values for Gene Set Analysis
16 C. Larose, O. Harel & J. Yan Estimating Regression Coefficient Change in Incomplete Data
17 C. Larose, D.K. Dey & O. Harel Model-Based Clustering of Incomplete Normal Data
18 X. Wang, B. Zhao & J. Glaz A Multiple Window Scan Statistic for Time Series Models
19 Y. Chung, D.K. Dey & M. Jung The Exponentiated Inverse Weibull Geometric Distribution: properties and estimations
20 B. Zhao & J. Glaz Scan Statistics for Detecting a Local Change in Variance for Normal Data with Known Variance
21 J.G. Ibrahim, M-H. Chen, Y. Gwon & F. Chen The Power Prior: Theory and Applications
22 E.D. Schifano, J. Wu, C. Wang, J. Yan & M-H. Chen Online Updating of Statistical Inference in the Big Data Setting
23 R. Huggins, X. Wang & Y. Zhou Semiparametric estimation of animal abundance using caputure-recaputure data from open populations II: log-linear models
24 D. Li, X. Wang, L. Lin & D.K. Dey Flexible Link Functions in Nonparametric Binary Regression with Gaussian Process Priors
25 F. Yu, M-H. Chen, L. Kuo, H. Talbott & J.S. Davis Two-Criterion: A New Bayesian Differentially Expressed Gene Selection Algorithm with Applications
26 G. Goh, K. Chen & D.K. Dey Bayesian Sparse Reduced Rank Multivariate Regression
27 G. Gan, Y. Zhang & D.K. Dey Initialization of the Markov Clustering Algorithm
28 J. Chen, J. Glaz Multiple Window Scan Statistics for Two Dimensional Poisson Processes
29 Z. Chi On Multivariate Strong Renewal Theorem
30 W.L. Leão, C.A. Abanto-Valle & M-H. Chen Bayesian Analysis of Stochastic volatility-in-mean model with leverage and asymmetrically heavy-tailed error using Generalized Hyperbolic skew Student’s t-distribution
31 P.O. Lewis, M-H. Chen, L. Kuo, L.A. Lewis, K Fučíková, S. Neupane, Y-B. Wang & D. Shi Estimating Bayesian Phylogenetic Information Content