Tech Reports 2021

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Id Authors Title
21-01 R. Visina, Y. Bar-Shalom, P. Willett & D.K. Dey Track-to-Track Fusion Using Inside Information from Local IMM Estimators
21-02 L.L. Hernandez-Velasco, C.A. Abanto-Valle, D.K. Dey & L.M. Castro Mixed Effects State-Space Models with Scale Mixture of Normal Errors
21-03 J. Liu, E.Q. Zhang & D.K. Dey Illustrative Comparison between Regular and Supreme Log-rank Tests under Single Stage and Group Sequential Designs
21-04 Z.C. Quiroz, M.O. Prates, D.K. Dey & H. Rue Fast Bayesian Inference of Block Nearest Neighbor Gaussian Process for Large Data
21-05 Md. T. Sheikh, M-H. Chen, J.A. Gelfond & J.G. Ibrahim A Power Prior Approach for Leveraging External Longitudinal and Competing Risks Survival Data within the Joint Modeling Framework
21-06 Y. Zhang, A.K. Adeniji & M-H. Chen A Flexible Non-Parametric Procedure for Testing Cumulative Hazards with Applications to Oncology Studies
21-07 W. Yuan, M-H. Chen & J. Zhong Flexible Conditional Borrowing Approaches for Leveraging Historical Data in the Bayesian Design of Superiority Trials
21-08 X. Li & D.K. Dey Estimation of COVID-19 Deaths in the United States using Spatio-Temporal Conway Maxwell Poisson Model
21-09 J.A. Ordonez, M.O. Prates, J.L. Bazán & V.H. Lachos Penalized Complexity Priors for Skewness Parameter of Power Links
21-10 K.S Conceição, M.G. Andrade, V.H. Lachos & N. Ravishanker A Look at the Bayesian Approach to the Zero-Modified Negative Binomial Distribution and mMALA Algorithm
21-11 D. Lim, M-H. Chen, J.G. Ibrahim, S. Kim, A.K. Shah & J. Lin Bayesian Meta-Analysis and Network Meta-Analysis Using the metapack R Package
21-12 Y. Zhang, M-H. Chen & F. Guo Bayesian Criterion-based Assessments of Recurrent Event Models with Applications to Commercial Truck Driver Behavior Studies
21-13 Md.T. Sheikh, M-H. Chen, J.A. Gelfond, W. Sun & J.G. Ibrahim New Bayesian C-indices for Assessing Importance of Longitudinal Biomarkers in Fitting Competing Risks Survival Data in the Presence of Partially Masked Causes
21-14 Z. Hu & D.K. Dey Fast Spatial Multilevel Modeling for Predicting Sale Price of Houses
21-15 M. Kim, H. Jeong & D.K. Dey Approximation of Zero-Inflated Poisson Credibility Premium via Variational Bayes Approach
21-16 K. Zhong, R.C. Olivari, A.M.Garay & V.H. Lachos Linear Mixed-Effects Models for Censored Data with Serial Correlation Errors Using the Multivariate Student’s t-distribution
21-17 D.K. Dey & B. Ndreka The Latent-Space Adjusted Approach:  An Alternative Form in Modeling Economic Development and Forest Cover
21-18 X. Li, D.K. Dey & S. Yin The Study of Drug Related Death using Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process
21-19 Z. Hu & D.K. Dey Flexible Semi-Parametric Gaussian Process Classification
21-20 Y. Li, G. Li & K. Chen Principal Amalgamation Analysis for Microbiome Data