Tech Reports 2021

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Id Authors Title
21-01 R. Visina, Y. Bar-Shalom, P. Willett & D.K. Dey Track-to-Track Fusion Using Inside Information from Local IMM Estimators
21-02 L.L. Hernandez-Velasco, C.A. Abanto-Valle, D.K. Dey & L.M. Castro Mixed Effects State-Space Models with Scale Mixture of Normal Errors
21-03 J. Liu, E.Q. Zhang & D.K. Dey Illustrative Comparison between Regular and Supreme Log-rank Tests under Single Stage and Group Sequential Designs
21-04 Z.C. Quiroz, M.O. Prates, D.K. Dey & H. Rue Fast Bayesian Inference of Block Nearest Neighbor Gaussian Process for Large Data
21-05 Md. T. Sheikh, M-H. Chen, J.A. Gelfond & J.G. Ibrahim A Power Prior Approach for Leveraging External Longitudinal and Competing Risks Survival Data within the Joint Modeling Framework