Tech Reports 2020

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Id Authors Title
20-01 J.A. Ordoñez, V.H. Lachos & M.O. Prates Objective Bayesian Analysis for Spatial Student-t Regression Models
20-02 C.E. Galarza, T-I. Lin, W-L. Wang & V.H. Lachos High-Order Moments of Truncated Multivariate Student-t Distribution Based on Recurrence Relations
20-03 C.S. Ferreira, H. Bolfarine & V.H. Lachos Linear Mixed Models Based on Skew Scale Mixtures of Normal Distribution
20-04 S. Kim, M-H. Chen, J.G. Ibrahim, A.K. Shah & J. Lin Bayesian Flexible Hierarchical Skew Heavy-Tailed Multivariate Meta Regression Models for Individual Patient Data with Applications
20-05 F.L. Schumacher, L.A. Mattos & V.H. Lachos Scale Mixture of Skew-Normal Linear Mixed Models with Within-Subject Serial Dependence
20-06 L. Geng & G. Hu Bayesian Spatial Homogeneity Pursuit for Survival Data with an Application to the SEER Respiration Cancer Data
20-07 W. Shi, M-H. Chen, L. Kuo & P.O. Lewis Bayesian Information and Dissonance
20-08 A. Halder, S. Mohammed, K. Chen & D.K. Dey Spatial Risk Estimation in Tweedie Compound Poisson Double Generalized Linear Models
20-09 K. Usmani, T. O’Connor, X. Shen, P. Marasco, A. Carnicer, D.K. Dey & B. Javidi Three-Dimensional Polarimetric Integral Imaging in Photon-Starved Conditions: Performance Comparison Between Visible and Long Wave Infrared Imaging
20-10 X. Li & D.K. Dey The Zero Inflated Conway Maxwell Poisson Distribution for Analyzing Motor Vehicle Crashes
20-11 A. Halder, S. Mohammed, K. Chen & D.K. Dey Spatial Tweedie Exponential Dispersion Models: An Application to Insurance Rate-Making
20-12 H. Bar Reproducible Code with Latex Compilers
20-13 C.E. Galarza, L.A. Matos & V.H. Lachos Moments of the Doubly Truncated Selection Elliptical Distributions with Emphasis on the Unified Multivariate Skew-t Distribution
20-14 T.B. Mattos, L.A. Matos & V.H. Lachos Likelihood-based Inference for Mixed-Effects Models with Censored Response Using Skew-Normal Distribution
20-15 J.L. Padilla G., C.L.N. Azevedo & V.H. Lachos Parameter Recovery for a Skew Multidimensional Item Response Model: A Comparison of MCMC Algorithms and Measurement of Some Effects of Interest
20-16 J. Mu, Q. Liu, L.Kuo & G. Hu Bayesian Variable Selection for Cox Regression Model with Spatially Varying Coefficients with Applications to Louisiana Respiratory Cancer Data
20-17 H. Bar & H. Wang Reproducible Science with Latex
20-18 D.K. Dey & G. Goh On Foundation of Statistical Inference by C.R. Rao Relating to Information Inequality
20-19 G. Hu, Z. Ma & I. Paek A Nonparametric Bayesian Item Response Modeling Approach for Clustering Items and Individuals Simultaneously
20-20 C.E. Galarza, L.A. Matos & V.H. Lachos Likelihood-Based Inference for Multivariate Skew-Normal Censored Responses
20-21 T.B. Mattos, L.A. Matos & V.H. Lachos Extending Multivariate-t Semiparametric Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data with Censored Responses and Heavy Tails
20-22 Q. Qi, L. Kuo, S.M. Resnick & E. Grober A Bayesian Joint Model of Longitudinal Ordinal Outcome and Time-to-Event Data
20-23 S. Yin, D.K. Dey, E.A. Valdez, G. Gan & J. Vadiveloo Skewed Link Regression Models for Imbalanced Binary Response with Applications to Life Insurance
20-24 F.L. Schumacher, C.S. Ferreira, M.O. Prates, A. Lachos, V.H. Lachos A Robust Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Model for COVID-19 Deaths Data
20-25 V.H. Lachos, M.O. Prates & D.K. Dey Heckman Selection-T Model: Parameter Estimation via the EM-Algorithm
20-26 C.E. Galarza Morales, V.H. Lachos & M. Bourguignon A Skew-t Quantile Regression for Censored and Missing Data
20-27 F.L. Schumacher, D.K. Dey, V.H. Lachos Approximate Inferences for Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models with Scale Mixtures of Skew-Normal Distributions
20-28 F. Liu, X. Wang, R. Hancock & M-H. Chen Bayesian Joint Item Response Model of Multi Method Response Data with Application to Computerized Testing
20-29 H. Jeong & D.K. Dey Multi-Peril Frequency Credibility Premium via Shared Random Effects
20-30 X. Li & D.K. Dey Estimation of COVID-19 in China using Bayesian Spatial Temporal Models
20-31 D.M. Galvis, V.H. Lachos & L.M. Castro Predicting Student’s Dropout: A Zero Inflated Censored Poisson Model
20-32 V.H. Lachos, M. Galea, C. Zeller, M. Prates Likelihood Inference-Based for Linear Mixed-Effects Models using the Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
20-33 K.S. Conceição, M.G. Andrade, V.H. Lachos & N. Ravishanker k-Modified Distributions for Count Data
20-34 K.S. Conceição, M.G. Andrade & N. Ravishanker Zero-Modified Negative Binomial Distribution: Characterizations and Efficiency
20-35 M.G. Andrade, K.S. Conceição & N. Ravishanker A Generalized Zero-Modified Count Model for Time Series using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Algorithm
20-36 M.G. Andrade, J.A. Achcar, K.S. Conceição & N. Ravishanker Nonlinear Regression Models with AR-ARCH errors: Applications for Time Series of COVID-19 Deaths
20-37 W. Yuan, M-H. Chen & J. Zhong Bayesian Design of Superiority Trials: Methods and Applications
20-38 M.T. Sheikh, M-H. Chen, J.A. Gelfond, W. Sun & J.G. Ibrahim Bayesian Innovation for Assessing the Importance of Longitudinal Biomarkers in Fitting Competing Risks Survival Data with Partially Masked Causes