Tech Reports 2020

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Id Authors Title
20-01 J.A. Ordoñez, V.H. Lachos & M.O. Prates Objective Bayesian Analysis for Spatial Student-t Regression Models
20-02 C.E. Galarza, T-I. Lin, W-L. Wang & V.H. Lachos High-Order Moments of Truncated Multivariate Student-t Distribution Based on Recurrence Relations
20-03 C.S. Ferreira, H. Bolfarine & V.H. Lachos Linear Mixed Models Based on Skew Scale Mixtures of Normal Distribution
20-04 S. Kim, M-H. Chen, J.G. Ibrahim, A.K. Shah & J. Lin Bayesian Flexible Hierarchical Skew Heavy-Tailed Multivariate Meta Regression Models for Individual Patient Data with Applications