Tech Reports 2019

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Id Authors Title
19-01 K.A.L. Valeriano, V.H. Lachos & L.A. Matos Likelihood Based Inference for Spatio-Temporal Data with Censored and Missing Responses
19-02 R.C. Olivari, A.M. Garay, V.H. Lachos & L.A. Matos Autoregressive Mixed-Effects Models for Censored Data
19-03 Y-B. Wang, M-H. Chen, W. Shi, P. Lewis & L. Kuo Inflated Density Ratio and Its Variation and Generalization for Computing Marginal Likelihoods
19-04 Y. Liu, G. Hu, L. Cao, X. Wang & M-H. Chen Monte Carlo Methods for Computing Marginal Likelihoods with Applications to Item Response Theory Models
19-05 G. Hu, F. Huffer & M-H. Chen New Development of Bayesian Variable Selection Criteria for Spatial Point Process with Applications
19-06 Y. Liu, L. Geng, X. Wang, D. Zhang & M-H. Chen Subgroup Analysis from Bayesian Perspectives
19-07 J.L. Pancras, X. Wang & D.K. Dey Investigating Nested Geographic Structure in Consumer Purchases: A Bayesian Dynamic Multi-scale Spatiotemporal Modeling Approach
19-08 V.G. Cancho, J. L. Bazan & D.K. Dey A New Regression Model for Bounded Response with Application in the Study of Cure Rate of Colorectal Cancer
19-09 R. da Paz, J.L. Bazan, V.H. Lachos & D.K. Dey A Finite Mixture Mixed Proportion Regression Model for Classification Problems in Longitudinal Voting Data
19-10 Z. Ma, Y. Xue & G. Hu Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis for Spatial
Economics Data: A Bayesian Recourse
19-11 H-C. Yang, L. Geng & G. Hu Computationally Efficient Bayesian Estimation for Spatial
Weibull Regression with Applications in China Earthquake Economic Loss
19-12 R. Visina, Y. Bar-Shalom, P. Willett & D.K. Dey On-Demand Track-to-Track Fusion Using Local IMM Inside Information
19-13 J. Geng, W. Shi & G. Hu Bayesian Nonparametric Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process with Applications
19-14 C.E. Galarza, L.A. Matos, D.K. Dey & V.H. Lachos On Moments of Folded and Truncated Multivariate Extended Skew-Normal Distributions