Tech Reports 2019

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Id Authors Title
19-01 K.A.L. Valeriano, V.H. Lachos & L.A. Matos Likelihood Based Inference for Spatio-Temporal Data with Censored and Missing Responses
19-02 R.C. Olivari, A.M. Garay, V.H. Lachos & L.A. Matos Autoregressive Mixed-Effects Models for Censored Data
19-03 Y-B. Wang, M-H. Chen, W. Shi, P. Lewis & L. Kuo Inflated Density Ratio and Its Variation and Generalization for Computing Marginal Likelihoods
19-04 Y. Liu, G. Hu, L. Cao, X. Wang & M-H. Chen Monte Carlo Methods for Computing Marginal Likelihoods with Applications to Item Response Theory Models