Tech Reports 2018

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Id Authors Title
18-01 T.J. Killeen & T.P. Hettmansperger Bivariate Tests for Location Based on Data Depth
18-02 M.N. Lemus, V.H. Lachos, C.E. Galarza & L.A. Matos Estimation and Diagnostics for Partially Censored Regression Models Based on Heavy-Tailed Distributions
18-03 S. Neupane, K. Fučíková, L.A. Lewis, L. Kuo, M-H. Chen & P.O. Lewis Assessing Combinability of Phylogenomic Data using Bayes Factors
18-04 H. Bar & E. Schifano Differential Variation and Expression Analysis
18-05 Q. Deng, Y-Y. Zhang, D. Roy & M-H. Chen Superiority of Combining Two Independent Trials in Interim Futility Analysis
18-06 C.E. Galarza, V.H. Lachos & P. Zhang Logistic Quantile Regression for Bounded Outcomes Using a New Family of Heavy-Tailed Distributions
18-07 Y. Zhang, N. Ravishanker, J.N. Ivan & S.A. Mamun Where can Conflicts be Surrogates for Crashes? An Investigation Based on Semi-parametric Statistical Approach
18-08 A. Thavaneswaran & N. Ravishanker Estimating Functions for Circular Time Series Modeling
18-09 H. Bar, J. Booth, M. Wells & K. Liu Facilitating High Dimensional Classification Via Empirical Bayes Variable Selection
18-10 W.L. Wang, L.M. Castro, V-H Lachos & T-I Lin Model-based Clustering of Censored Data via Mixtures of Factor Analyzers
18-11 G. Hu & F. Huffer Modified Kaplan-Meier Estimator and Nelson-Aalen Estimator with Geographical Weighting for Survival Data