Tech Reports 2017

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Id Authors Title
17-01 L. Benites, V.H. Lachos & H. Bolfarine Robust Regression Modeling of Censored Databased on Mixtures of Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions
17-02 L.M. Castro, W-L. Wang, V.H. Lachos, C.L. Bayes, V. Inácio Bayesian Semiparametric Modeling for HIV Longitudinal Data with Censoring and Skewness
17-03 J.A. Ordoñez, V.H. Lachos, C.R. Barbosa Cabral & D. Bandyopadhyay Geo-Statistical Estimation and Prediction for Censored Responses
17-04 L. Benites, V.H. Lachos & F.E. Vilca Quantile Regression Using the Asymmetric Laplace Distribution: Estimation and Case-Deletion Diagnostics
17-05 H. Li, M-H. Chen, J.G. Ibrahim, S. Kim, A.K. Shah, J. Lin & A.M. Tershakovec Bayesian Inference for Network Meta-Regression Using Multivariate Random Effects with Applications to Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
17-06 P.L. Ramos, D.K. Dey, F. Louzada & E. Ramos On Posterior Properties of the Two Parameter Gamma Family of Distributions
17-07 J.A. Ordoñez, C.E. Galarza & V.H. Lachos Spatial Censored Regression Models in R: The CensSpatial Package
17-08 D. Shi & L. Kuo Variable Selection for Bayesian Survival Models Using Bregman Divergence Measure
17-09 Y. Liu, X. Ma, D. Zhang, L. Geng, X. Wang, W. Zheng & M-H. Chen Look Before you Leap: Systematic Evaluation of Tree-based Statistical Methods in Subgroup Identification
17-10 Q. Chen, F. Zhang, M-H. Chen & X.J. Cong Treatment Effect Estimate and Model Diagnostics with Two-way Time-Varying Treatment Switching: an application to a head and neck study
17-11 J. Zhang, Y-Y. Zhang, J. Tao & M-H. Chen Bayesian Item Response Theory Models with Flexible Generalized Logit Links
17-12 D. Shi, M-H. Chen, L. Kuo & P.O. Lewis New Partition Based Measures for Data Compatibility and Information Gain
17-13 O. Guang, D.K. Dey & P. Zhang Clique-Based Method for Social Network Clustering
17-14 O. Guang, D.K. Dey & P. Zhang Model-Based Methods for Social Network Clustering
17-15 P. Zhang & D.K. Dey The Degree Profile and Gini Index of Random Caterpillar Trees
17-16 L.M. Castro, F.L. Schumacher, V.H. Lachos & G.P. Ferreira Censored Time Series Analysis for Responses on the Unit Interval: An Application to Acid Rain Modeling
17-17 J.L. Padilla, C.L.N. Azevedo & V.H. Lachos Multidimensional Multiple Group IRT Models with Skew Normal Latent Trait Distributions
17-18 R. Zha & O. Harel Power Calculation in Multiply Imputed Data
17-19 D. Zheng, G.S. Ginsburg & O. Harel Partial Eta-Squared (η2) Estimation in Incomplete Data Using Multiple Imputation: Application for Children Anxiety Prevention Study
17-20 V. Deshpande, E.D. Schifano & D.K. Dey Fully and Empirical Bayes Approaches to Estimating Copula-Based Models for Bivariate Mixed Outcomes Using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
17-21 T-I. Lin, V.H. Lachos & W-L. Wang Multivariate Longitudinal Data Analysis with Censored and Intermittent Missing Responses
17-22 T. Henle, G.J. Matthews & O. Harel Data Confidentiality
17-23 S. Mohammed, D.K. Dey & Y. Zhang Bayesian Variable Selection Using Spike and Slab Prior with Application to High Dimensional EEG Data by Local Modeling
17-24 Y. Zhang, J. Zou, N. Ravishanker & A. Thavaneswaran Modeling Financial Durations Using Penalized Estimating Functions
17-25 G. Vaughan, R. Aseltine, K. Chen & J. Yan Efficient Interaction Selection for Clustered Data via Stagewise Generalized Estimating Equations
17-26 P.L. Ramos, D.K. Dey, F. Louzada & V.H. Lachos An Extended Poisson Family of Life Distribution: A Unified Approach in Competitive and Complementary Risks
17-27 D. Bandyopadhyay, M.O. Prates, X. Zhao & V. H. Lachos Spatial Skew-Normal/Independent Models for Non-Randomly Missing Clustered Data
17-28 V.H. Lachos, C.E. Galarza, T.I. Lin & W-L. Wang Moments of Doubly Truncated Multivariate Student-t Distribution: A Recurrence Approach
17-29 M.G. Lavagnole Nascimento, C.A. Abanto-Valle & V.H. Lachos Bayesian Finite Mixture Modeling of Univariate and Multivariate Skew-Normal Distributions