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Tech Reports 2016

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Id Authors Title
16-01 H-K Joeng, A.K. Adeniji, N. Ting & M-H Chen Estimation of Discrete Survival Function through Modeling Diagnostic Accuracy for Mismeasured Outcome Data
16-02 C. Larose, D.K. Dey & O. Harel The Impact of Missing Values on Different Measures of Uncertainty
16-03 X. Wang, A. Saha & D.K. Dey Bayesian Joint Modeling of Response Times with Dynamic Latent Ability in Educational Testing
16-04 Y. Bao, J.A. Fiorucci, V.G. Cancho & D.K. Dey Negative-Binomial Cure Rate Models with Spatial Frailties for Interval-Censored Data
16-05 V. H. Lachos, L. Benites, C.R. Barbosa Cabral & D.K. Dey Robust Regression Modeling for Censored Data based on Mixtures of Student-t Distributions
16-06 B. Bader, J. Yan & X. Zhang ‘Automated Threshold Selection for Extreme Value Analysis via Goodness-of-Fit Tests with Application to Batched Return Level Mapping
16-07 M. de Castro, M-H. Chen & Y. Zhang Bayesian Frailty Models for Multi-state Survival Data
16-08 Y-B. Wang, M-H. Chen, L. Kuo & P.O. Lewis ‘Adaptive Partition Weighted Approach for Estimating Marginal Posterior Density with Applications
16-09 G. Vaughan, R. Aseltine, K. Chen & J. Yan’ Stagewise Generalized Estimating Equations with Grouped Variables
16-10 C. Wang, M-H. Chen, J. Wu, J. Yan, Y. Zhang & E.D. Schifano ‘Online Updating Method with New Variables for Big Data Streams
16-11 C. Luo, D.K. Dey & K. Chen Partially Supervised Sparse Factor Regression for Multi-Class Classification
16-12 K. Chen, N. Mishra, J. Smyth, H. Bar, E.D. Schifano, L. Kuo & M-H. Chen A Tailored Multivariate Mixture Model for Detecting Proteins of Concordant Change Among Virulent Strains of Clostridium Perfringens
16-13 A. Mishra, D.K. Dey & K. Chen Sequential Estimation in Sparse Factor Regression
16-14 J. Wu, J.G. Ibrahim, M-H. Chen, E.D. Schifano & J.D. Fisher Bayesian Modeling and Inference for Nonignorably Missing Longitudinal Binary Response Data with Applications to HIV Prevention Trials
16-15 F.L. Schumacher, V.H. Lachos & D.K. Dey Censored Regression Models with Autoregressive Errors: A Likelihood-Based Perspective
16-16 W. Li, M-H. Chen, X. Wang & D.K. Dey Bayesian Design of Non-Inferiority Clinical Trials via the Bayes Factor
16-17 M. de Castro, M-H. Chen. Y. Zhang & A.V. D’Amico A Bayesian Cure Rate Frailty Model for Survival Data in Presence of Semi-competing and Competing Risks
16-18 V.H. Lachos, L.A. Matos, L.M. Castro & M-H. Chen Heavy-Tailed Longitudinal Linear Mixed Models for Multiple Censored Responses Data
16-19 A. Halder, S. Das & D.K. Dey Portfolio Analysis using Modified Dirichlet Process Prior
16-20 K. Chen, C. Luo, J. Liang, G. Li, F. Wang, C. Zhang & D.K. Dey Leveraging Mixed and Incomplete Outcomes via A Generalized Reduced Rank Regression
16-21 V.H. Lachos, E.J. Lopez Moreno & K. Chen Finite Mixture Modeling of Censored Data using the Multivariate Student—t distribution
16-22 K. Chen & R.H. Aseltine Using Hospitalization and Mortality Data to Identify Areas at Risk for Adolescent Suicide
16-23 V. Deshpande, D.K. Dey & E.D. Schifano Variable Selection for Correlated Bivariate Mixed Outcomes Using Penalized Generalized Estimating Equations
16-24 G. Goh & D.K. Dey Asymptotic Properties of Marginal Least Squares Estimator for Ultrahigh-Dimensional Linear Regression Models with Correlated Errors
16-25 F.L. Schumacher, V.H. Lachos & F.E. Vilca-Labra Influence Diagnostics for Censored Regression Models with Autoregressive Errors
16-26 C.B. Zeller, C.R.B. Cabral & V.H. Lachos Finite Mixture of Regression Models for Censored Data Based on Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions
16-27 L. Benites, R. Maehara & V.H. Lachos Linear Regression Models with Finite Mixtures of Skew Heavy-Tailed Errors
16-28 Y. Gwon, M. Mo, M-H. Chen, J. Li, H.A. Xia & J.G. Ibrahim Network Meta-Regression for Ordinal Outcomes: Applications in Comparing Crohn’s Disease Treatments