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Tech Reports 2015

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Id Authors Title
1 T. Sofer, E.D. Schifano, D.C. Christiani & X. Lin Weighted Pseudolikelihood for the Analysis of Multiple Secondary Outcomes in Case-Control Genetic Association
2 J.G. Ibrahim, Y. Gwon & M-H. Chen SAS Macro BSMED: Bayesian Survival Meta-Experimental Design Using Historical Data
3 K. Chen, E. Hoffman, I. Seetharaman, F. Jiao, C-L. Lin & K-S. Chan Linking Lung Airway Structure to Pulmonary Function via Composite Bridge Regression
4 X. Wang, M-H. Chen, R.C. Kuo & D.K. Dey Dynamic Spatial Pattern Recognition in Count Data
5 C. Wang, M-H. Chen, E. Schifano, J. Wu & J. Yan A Survey of Statistical Methods and Computing for Big Data
6 D. Li, X. Wang & D.K. Dey A Flexible Cure Rate Model for Spatially Correlated Survival Data Based on Generalized Extreme Value Distribution and Gaussian Process Priors
7 A. Thavaneswaran & N. Ravishanker Estimating Functions for Circular Models
8 C. Luo, J. Liu, D.K. Dey & K. Chen Canonical Variate Regression
9 B. Zhao & J. Glaz Scan Statistics for Detecting a Local Change in Variance for Normal Data with Unknown Population Variance
10 J.G. Ibrahim, S. Kim, M-H. Chen, A.K. Shah & J. Lin Multivariate Skew Scale-Mixture Meta-Regression Models for Individual Patient Data
11 B. Bader, J. Yan, X. Zhang Selecting the Number of Largest Order Statistics in Extreme Value Analysis
12 V. Serhiyenko, S.A. Mamun, J.N. Ivan & N. Ravishanker Fast Bayesian Inference for Modeling Multivariate Crash Counts
13 B. Zhao, J. Glaz Scan Statistics for Detecting a Local Change in Variance for Two Dimensional Normal Data
14 D. Roy, V. Roy & D.K. Dey Analysis of Bivariate Survival Data Based on Copulas with Log Generalized Extreme Value Marginals
15 C.A. Abanto-Valle, R. Langrock, M-H. Chen & M.V. Cardoso Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Stochastic Volatility in Mean Models with Heavy-Tailed Distributions
16 J. Wu, M. de Castro, E.D. Schifano & M-H. Chen Assessing Covariate Effects with the Monotone Partial Likelihood Using Jeffreys’ Prior in the Cox Model
17 Z. Chi Random Reversible Markov Matrices with Tunable Extremal Eigenvalues
18 C. Yu, W. Yao & K. Chen A New Method for Robust Mixture Regression and Outlier Detection
19 K. Chen Model Diagnostics in Reduce-Rank Estimation
20 V.G. Cancho, B. Yiqi, J.A. Fioruci, D.K. Dey & J. Rodrigues On Estimation and Influence Diagnostics for Zero-Inflated Hyper-Poisson Regression Model: Full Bayesian Analysis
21 A. Gupta, S.K. Upadhyay & D.K. Dey Subjective Elicitation of Dirichlet Hyperparameters Using Past Data- A Study of Ovarian Cancer Patients
22 Y-B. Wang, M-H. Chen, L. Kuo & P.O. Lewis A New Monte Carlo Method for Estimating Marginal Likelihoods
23 D. Stefanos & D.K. Dey Bayesian Inference for Ordinal-Response State Space Mixed Models with Stochastic Volatility
24 M. Malecki, R.B. Arellano-Valle, D.K. Dey & A.R. Nematollahi Autoregressive Processes based on Scale Mixtures of Skew-Normal Innovations
25 D. Li, X. Wang, S. Song, N. Zhang & D.K. Dey Flexible Link Functions in a Joint Model of Binary & Longitudinal Data
26 J.S. Pai & N. Ravishanker An Application to Actuarial Pricing of Weather Derivatives
27 K. Bharath, P. Kambadur, D.K. Dey, A. Rao & V. Baladandayuthapani Statistical Tests for Large Tree-Structured Data
28 R. Caron, A. Polpo, D. Sinha & D.K. Dey Categorical Data Analysis Using a Skewed Weibull Regression Model
29 T.S. Barbosa, V.H. Lachos & D.K. Dey Influence Diagnostics in Spatial Models with Censored Response
30 M.A. Nunez, L. Kuo & I.R. Chiang Managing Risk-Adjusted Resource Allocation for Project Time-Cost Tradeoffs
31 N. Jaberansari, D.K. Dey & S. Song Bayesian Multivariate Gamma-Frailty Cox Model for Clustered Current Status Data