Resources for Undergraduate Students

Tutoring schedule

Tutoring schedule can be found here.

  • All tutoring hours are held in AUST 303.
  • Tutoring begins the second week of the semester and continues until the last undergraduate final examination has been completed.
  • Tutors will only tutor based on the course levels they are assigned.

Undergraduate Advisors

Our staff and faculty members listed below will be happy to help those with questions regarding the undergraduate courses or counseling thereof.

Alyssa O’Keefe
Academic Advisor
CLAS Academic Services
Email: alyssa.o’
Professor Elizabeth Schifano
Undergraduate Program Director
Phone: 860.486.4760
Lynn Kuo
Professor Lynn Kuo
Undergraduate Faculty Academic Adviser

Tutoring Evaluation Form

  • You can now submit the tutoring evaluation online!
  • Download form

UG Information Page

  • Visit our web page for more information about what majoring in statistics is about.