Statistics Minor

The Department of Statistics offers a minor in Statistics which should be useful to undergraduate majors in different disciplines. This minor requires at least 15 credits at the 2000-level or above.  Students must choose one of two options:

Track I:  STAT 2215Q, 3115Q, 3375Q, 3445Q, plus one course from the Optional List below.

Track II:  STAT 2215Q, 3025Q, 3115Q, plus two courses from the Optional List below.

Optional List:  STAT 3515Q, 3675Q, 3965, 4475, 4525, 4625, 4825, and 4875.

Students who have passed MATH 1122Q, or 1132Q and also MATH 2110Q or 2130Q are strongly advised to take Track I.  Students who have passed only MATH 1122Q, 1132Q, or 1152Q should take Track II.  To confirm your progress toward the Minor, you may follow the steps in the Statistics Minor Declaration and meet with the Statistics Department Undergraduate Director for confirmation.

Please refer to UConn Undergraduate Catalog for more information about minor program.