Pfizer Colloquium

The Pfizer Colloquium began in 1978 at University of Connecticut-Storrs under the leadership of the Late Professor
Harry O. Posten (University of Connecticut-Storrs) and Dr. David S. Salsburg (Pfizer Global Research and
Development-Groton, Connecticut). In view of the historical importance of this project, this joint initiative has been
continually supported by funding from Pfizer Global Research and Development-Groton, Connecticut, the Department of
Statistics at the University of Connecticut-Storrs, and the American Statistical Association (ASA). After Professor
Posten’s death in March 2002 and Dr. Salsburg’s retirement from Pfizer, Professor Nitis Mukhopadhyay of the University
of Connecticut-Storrs and Dr. Naitee Ting (then with Pfizer) served as program leaders for the respective
organizations. After Dr. Ting moved to Boehringer-Ingelheim, Dr. William T. Duggan of Pfizer took over the role of Dr.
Ting in August 2009. The current Steering Committee members include Dr. Demissie Alemayehu (Pfizer), Professor Dipak
Dey (UConn) and Dr. Ron Wasserstein (ASA).

Along with this featured guest of honor, two other distinguished statisticians are also normally invited. The featured
guest of honor delivers a special lecture under the auspices of “Pfizer Colloquia by Distinguished Statisticians in
Honor of Dr. David S. Salsburg”. Then, a “conversation” with the featured guest of honor and the other two
distinguished statisticians is arranged under the auspices of “Conversations with Distinguished Statisticians in
Memory of Professor Harry O. Posten”. These are campus-wide live events, normally held on a Thursday evening, and they
are open to all, free of any charge.


Pfizer Colloquium Speaker Affiliation Year Other Links
25 Nan Laird Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 2020 Link
24 Grace Wahba University of Wisconsin-Madison 2018 Link
23 Pranab
K. Sen
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2012
22 Stephen
E. Fienberg
Carnegie Mellon University 2009 Link
21 Barbara
A. Bailar
Statistical Consultant 2007 Link
20 Emanuel
Texas A & M University 2006 Link
19 C.C.
Columbia University 2005
18 David
R. Brillinger
University of California, Berkeley 2004 Link
17 Bradley
Stanford University 2001 Link
16 Janet
The Urban Institute 2000
15 Robert
V. Hogg
University of Iowa 1998 Link
14 Ingram
Stanford University 1997 Link
13 Theodore
W. Anderson
Stanford University 1995 Link
12 David
R. Cox
University of Oxford 1994 Link
11 Erich
University of California, Berkeley 1992 Link
10 Herbert
Rutgers University 1990 Link
9 Herman
Harvard University 1989 Link
8  Frederick
 Harvard University 1987
7 Morris
H. Hansen
Westat, Inc. 1985 Link
6 Churchill Eisenhart National Bureau of Standards 1984
5 Gottfried
University of Connecticut 1983
4 C.R.
University of Pittsburgh and Indian Statistical Institute 1981 Link
3 Harold
Stockholm University 1980
2 Jerzy
University of California, Berkeley 1979
1 C.R. Rao Indian Statistical Institute 1978