Nitis Mukhopadhyay


Office: AUST 331
Phone: (860) 486-6144
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Research Interests

Survey sampling, environmental sampling, clinical trails, and multivariate data analysis.

Selected Publications

  • (With S. Zacks) 2018. Modified Linex two-stage and purely sequential estimation of the variance in a normal distribution with illustrations using horticultural data, Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, 12, 111-135.
  • (With J. Hu) 2017. Confidence intervals and point estimators for a normal mean under purely sequential strategies involving Gini’s mean difference and mean absolute deviation, Sequential Analysis, 36: 210-239.
  • (With S. Bapat) 2017. Purely sequential bounded risk point estimation of the negative binomial means under various loss functions: Multi-sample problems, Sequential Analysis, 36, 490- 512.
  • (With Y. Zhuang) 2017. Purely sequential and two-stage bounded-length confidence interval estimation problems in Fisher’s “Nile” example, Journal of Japan Statistical Society, 47, 237-272.