Makuch Lecture Series

The Makuch lecture series began in 2013 at University of Connecticut-Storrs. Dr. Robert W. Makuch is a Yale professor and renowned biostatistician. Dr. Makuch is well recognized for his expert statistical and regulatory consultations to the pharmaceutical industry and to national and international governmental regulatory agencies. He is an elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association, cited for his expert statistical consultation to government and the pharmaceutical industry and his innovative contributions to the methodological design and analysis of clinical trials. He is a Prolific Author and Frequent Conference Speaker. Dr. Makuch holds a masters and Ph.D. degree from Yale University after completing his undergraduate degree here at Uconn.


Makuch Lecture Year Speaker Affiliation Topic
9 2021 Susan A. Murphy Harvard University Inference Using Adaptively Collected Data
8 2021 Joseph G. Ibrahim UNC Gillings School of Global Health The Scale Transformed Power Prior for Use with Historical Data
from a Different Outcome Model
7 2019 Donald Berry University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center The Bayesian Revolution in Medical Research
6 2018 Paul S. Albert National Cancer Institute Innovative Approaches to the Statistical Analysis of Circadian Rhythm Data: Uncovering the Patterns of Life
5 2017 Andrea B. Troxel New York University School of Medicine Statistical Issues in Pragmatic Behavioral Clinical Trials
4 2016 Tom Louis Johns Hopkins University Perils and potentials of self-selected entry to epidemiological studies and surveys
3 2015 Jeremy Taylor University of Michigan Surrogacy Assessment in Clinical Trials Using Principal Stratification
2 2014 Martin Kulldorff Harvard Medical School Sequential Statistical Analysis for Post-Market Vaccine and Drug Safety Surveillance
1 2013 Robert W. Makuch Yale School of Public Health  Current Issues in Clinical Trials