Lynn Kuo


Office: AUST 330
Phone: (860) 486-2951
Personal Website

Research Interests

Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Bayesian Phylogenetics, Bayesian Computation, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric Bayesian Statistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Survey Sampling

Selected Publications

  • (With D. Shi) 2018. Variable Selection for Bayesian Survival Models Using Bregman Divergence Measure, Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences. doi:10.1017/S0269964818000190
  • (With C.K. Then, N.F. Chi, K.H. Chung, K.H. Liu, C. J. Hu, S. C. Shen, & Y.K. Lin) 2017. Risk analysis of use of different classes of antidepressants on subsequent dementia: A nationwide cohort study in Taiwan. PLoS ONE. 12(4): e0175187. 10.1371/journal.pone.0175187, 1-17.
  • (With Y.-B. Wang, M.-H. Chen, & P.  Lewis) 2017. A new Monte Carlo method of estimating marginal likelihoods. Bayesian Analysis. In press. DOI: 10.1214/17-BA1049.
  • (With K. Chen, N. Mishra, J. Smyth, H. Bar, E. Schifano, &  M.-H. Chen) 2017. A tailored multivariate mixture model for detecting proteins of concordant change among virulent strains of Clostridium Perfringens. Journal of the American Statistical Association. In press.