Individualized Data Science Major

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The following courses are prerequisites for the required courses in the Data Science major:
  • CSE 1010 Introduction to Computing for Engineers
  • CSE 1729 Introduction to Principles of Programming
  • MATH 1131Q Calculus I (or MATH 1151Q)
  • MATH 1132Q Calculus II (or MATH 1152Q or MATH 2142Q)

Required Courses

Your individualized major must include at least 36 credits of 2000-level or higher courses, 18 of which must be from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The following must be part of the plan of study:

  • MATH 2210 Applied Linear Algebra
  • STAT 3025Q Statistical Methods
  • STAT 3115Q Analysis of Experiments
  • CSE 2050 Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design
  • CSE 2102 Introduction to Software Engineering
  • CSE 2500 Introduction to Discrete Systems
  • UNIV 4697W Senior Thesis. A major component of this program is a three-credit, final-year
    capstone project, which incorporates real data science problems, requiring integration of
    statistics, mathematics, computing, domain knowledge, as well as soft skills such as
    collaboration and communication.
  • Writing course. A writing intensive course that is relevant to the major theme. This will normally
    be designated “W” in the course catalog and is in addition to the thesis.


In addition to the required courses above, the plan of study must include 15 credits of electives. At least six credits of these must be from a domain science – a scientific domain in which “big data” is used. Below are three examples.

  • For the domain of economics: ECON 2311 Empirical Methods in Economics and ECON 2312 Empirical Methods in Economics II (prerequisites for these courses are ECON 1200 or both ECON 1201 and 1202).
  • For the domain of actuarial science: MATH 2610 Introduction to Actuarial Science and MATH 3630 Actuarial Mathematics I.
  • For the domain of bioinformatics: CSE 3800 Bioinformatics, MCB 3421 Intro to Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics (prerequisite 2000-level MCB course)

*For more information about relevant courses or to create an individualized major, please contact one of the faculty members listed at the top of this page.