Faculty & Staff

Regular Appointments

Haim Bar

Associate professor

High dimensional data, Bioinformatics, Statistical Modeling, Model Selection

Kun Chen

Associate professor

Dimension Reduction, Variable Selection, Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Computing, Statistical Ecology,
Environmental Statistics, Bioinformatics, Public Health Applications

Ming-Hui Chen

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

Bayesian Statistical Methodology, Bayesian Computation, Categorical Data Analysis, DNA Microarray Data Analysis, Missing Data Analysis (EM, MCEM, and Bayesian), Monte Carlo Methodology, Prior Elicitation, Statistical Methodology for Prostate Cancer Data, Statistical Modeling, Survival data analysis, and Variable Selection

Zhiyi Chi


Applied Probability, Stochastic Processes, Large Deviations

Dipak Dey

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

Bayesian Analysis, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Computational Statistics, Decision Theory, Environmental Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Optics, Reliability and Survival Analysis, Statistical Shape Analysis, Statistical Genetics

Timothy Fortune

Assistant Professor-in-Residence

Stochastic Processes, Nonparametric Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Linear Random Fields

Joseph Glaz


Applied Probability, Geometrical Probability, Probability Approximations, Probability Inequalities, Parametric
Bootstrap, Sequential Analysis, Simultaneous Inference

Yuwen Gu

Assistant professor

High-dimensional statistics, variable selection, model combination, nonparametric statistics, causal inference and optimization

Ofer Harel


Methods for Handling Incomplete Data, Causal Inference, Verification Bias, Longitudinal Studies, Bayesian Methods,
Sampling Techniques, Mixture Models, Latent Class and Latent Transition Analysis, and Statistical Consulting

Emmy Karim

Assistant Professor-in-Residence

Applied Statistics, Demography, Fiducial Inferences, Sampling

Lynn Kuo


Bayesian Computation, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric Bayesian Statistics, Software Reliability, Longitudinal Data
Analysis, Survey Sampling, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

Victor Hugo Lachos


Linear/Non Linear Mixed-Effects Models, Generalized Linear Mixed Models, Skew-elliptical/Elliptical distributions, Time Series, Measurement error models, Semiparametric Models, Censored Regression Models, Spatial Models, Augmented Models

Suman Majumdar

Associate professor

Metrization of Weak Convergence, posterior asymptotics, psychometry, inference in SDEs

Nitis Mukhopadhyay


Survey sampling, Environmental Sampling, Clinical Trails, and Multivariate Data Analysis

Vladimir Pozdnyakov


Applied Probability and Statistics

Nalini Ravishanker


Time Series modeling, Times-to-events Analysis, Inference for Stable Processes, Signal Processing, Simultaneous Inference Procedures, Statistical Methods in Actuarial Science, Marketing, Environmental Engineering and Transportation Engineering

Elizabeth Schifano

Associate professor

Biostatistics, Statistical Genomics, High-dimensional Data Analysis, Variable Selection

Rick Vitale


Convex-geometric Methods in Probability and Statistics, Stochastic Geometry, Inequalities

Haiying Wang

Associate professor

Incomplete data analysis, Model selection and model averaging, Nonparametric and semi-parametric regression, Optimum experimental design, Sub-sample methods for big data

Xiaojing Wang

Associate professor

Bayesian Modeling, Latent Variable Models and Item Response Models, State Space Models and Time Series Data Analysis, Gaussian Processes, Subgroup Analysis and Model Selection

Jun Yan


Dynamic Survival Models, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Spatial Statistics, Estimating Functions, Statistical Computing, Biostatistics, Public Health Applications, Econometrics

Yuping Zhang

Associate Professor

Statistical and Computational methods to address scientific problems in genomics, Systems Biology, and Complex Diseases

Yao Zheng

Assistant professor

Time series analysis, Dependent data, High-dimensional statistics, Econometrics, Tensor data analysis, Robust statistics, Statistical computing and optimization

Visiting Faculty

Shaymal Halder


Robert H. Aseltine, Jr.
Jinbo Bi
Jinbo Bi

Kent Holsinger

Tania B. Huedo-Medina

Bahram Javidi

Paul Lewis

Jeremy Teitelbaum

Emiliano Valdez

Stephen Walsh

Michael Willig

Bin Zou

Adjunct Faculty

Joseph C. Cappelleri

Amir Kouzehkanani

Naitee Ting


Robert Apruzese (retired)

Kathleen McLaughlin

Zhanna Pozdnyakova

Professors Emeriti

Alan Gelfand

Tim Killeen

Uwe Koehn