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The Statistical Consulting Services (SCS) provides advice on statistical problems arising in the preparation of studies, the analysis of data and the interpretation of results. The Service is available to graduate students, faculty members, as well as non-UConn clients in government and industry. The SCS provides statistical advice to faculty and graduate student researchers throughout the University, generating collaborative research and serving to train graduate students in applied statistics.

What we offer

The SCS can provide help at any stage of research:

  • Design of Experiments and Surveys
  • Preparation of Proposals
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis and Modeling
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Statistical Software Issues
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Long-term Collaborative Work

Please note: we cannot assist with legal cases

Modes of Assistance

SCS provides two modes of on-demand assistance for UConn faculty, students and staff; walk-in and online.

  • Free walk-in services are our most popular offering intended for quick questions about grant applications, journal articles, Ph.D. dissertations, M.S. theses, and undergraduate research projects. Our current schedule is available on the walk-in schedule page.
  • Free Online help allows users to submit question and documents online. Questions are usually addressed within 24 hours but may take up to 3 business days if an area expert is needed. Use the submission tool to get assistance

Please Note: this assistance is not intended for homework and is more geared to data analysis rather than specific statistical software usage.

Project Engagements

Clients may be referred to SCS from a regularly scheduled consulting appointment. SCS accepts projects from clients or researchers.  Collaborative consulting and assistance with data analysis through SCS requires funding for the statistical consultant on an hourly basis.  Consultations may be with a faculty member, a graduate student under faculty supervision or directly involved with the problem, or the on-site statistician at your organization.

To obtain statistical consulting from SCS, please fill out the online application. Collaborative consulting and assistance with data analysis through SCS requires funding for the statistical consultant on an hourly basis. For any questions regarding the application, please contact Dr. Timothy E. Moore (Email:


We are pleased to offer UConn faculty and students up to 15 hours of free consulting per project engagement per year.  Our internal fees are $50 per graduate assistant hour and $200 per faculty hour. External clients should contact Timothy E. Moore ( for more fee information.

Thesis Work

SCS consultants are aware of the sensitivities related to dissertation and Master’s thesis work, and so we require the consent of an advisor before performing work to be used in a Master’s or Doctoral thesis. In general, if the advisor consents to the use of SCS services, the work can be performed. Graduate students will be required to complete a permission slip at the time of engaging the SCS.

Policies on Acknowledgement of Statistical Consulting and Collaboration

For projects which lead to presentations, projects, or publications it is expected that appropriate authorship will be discussed for those statisticians substantively involved. When the scope of the work is limited to less than 15 hours, but nevertheless is used in a presentation, project, or publication, we would appreciate an appropriate citation or acknowledgment. For example, clients may include “We acknowledge the help of [NAME] of UConn’s Statistical Consulting Services under the guidance of Dr [NAME]” as a footnote accompanying grant support and related projects.”1 If you have any questions regarding our acknowledgement policy, please contact Timothy E. Moore at

1 This policy is intended to allow clients maximum flexibility in seeking out and benefiting from our statistical consulting work, while at the same time promoting best practice regarding academic intellectual property. For more information, we direct clients to the American Statistical Association’s guide to working with a statistical consultant (ASA_brochure).

Diversity Statement

The SCS is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for the UConn community. We celebrate and honor the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals. We strive to promote social justice and inclusivity throughout UConn and the broader global community through our training, workshops, and consulting services.