Computer Labs

Research and teaching labs for the Department of Statistics are housed in the Philip E. Austin Building. The Department has a teaching computer lab and a research computer lab. The Department has a 21 seat research lab with a mix of Intel-based Linux and Windows systems dedicated to large scale numerical computing and statistical simulation. The Department also has a Linux based computer cluster with 32 computing nodes. A large software base is now available 0n either the PCs or the Linux workstations in both labs, which includes SAS, S-Plus, SPSS, GLIM, MINITAB, Mathematica, Maple, IMSL (Fortran and C), R, WinBUGS, as well as other packages and languages. IMSL (Fortran and C) and R are also available in the department Linux cluster. Both the research lab and computing cluster are accessible to PhD students, visiting scholars, and faculty members.

The teaching lab exclusively features Windows machines with similar software bundles and is used for both graduate and undergraduate computing classes. When not in use for teaching, the lab is open to all students with teaching assistants on duty to serve as tutors.

The Department’s computers are managed and maintained by four lab managers, a Linux quarter time operations manager (Tim Ruggerieri) and a PC quarter time operations manager from the office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and a student Linux cluster manager and a student Webmaster. The computer management team maintains, installs, and upgrades the operating systems and software, and they also provide the service of weekly tape-backing up as well as daily trouble-shooting of system problems.

Please consult the University’s software management listing for the current status of the Department’s paid software license.