Colloquia Spring 2016

Spring 2016 

Coffee will be served at 3:30PM in room 326 for each Wednesday colloquium. TAs are responsible for set-up according to this schedule.

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Tentative Topic or Title TBA
Wed, Jan 20 4:00PM AUST 313 Statistical modeling of RNA structurome from next generation sequencing Zhengqing Ouyang; Jackson Lab
Wed, Jan 27 4:00PM AUST 313 Story of Alpha and Beta in Clinical trials Qiqi Deng; Boehringer Ingelheim
Wed, Feb 3 4:00PM AUST 313 Enterprise business metric forecasting Beatriz E. Etchegaray Garcia; IBM
Wed, Feb 17 4:00PM AUST 105 Change point estimation: another look at multiple testing problems Hongyuan Cao; University of Missouri
Wed, Feb 24 4:00PM AUST 105 Longitudinal SNP Set Association Analysis of Quantitative Phenotypes Zuoheng Wang; Yale University
Wed, Mar 2 4:00PM AUST 105 Adaptation in Shape Constrained Regression Bodhisattva Sen; Columbia University
Wed, Mar 9 4:00PM AUST 105 Multiplicative Error Models for Non-negative Time series Narayana Balakrishna; Cochin University of Science and Technology
Fri, Mar 25 11:00AM AUST 344  Dynamic Model Based Methods to Test for Biosimilarity Sujit Ghosh; North Carolina State University
Wed, Mar 30 4:00PM AUST 105  Perils and potentials of self-selected entry to epidemiological studies and surveys Tom Louis; Johns Hopkins
Wed, Apr 6 4:00PM AUST 105 Joint UConn-UMass Colloquium:
Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Bayesian Analysis of Big Data
Erin Conlon; University of Massachusetts
Wed, Apr 13 4:00PM AUST 105  Metric-based Function Registration and Its Applications Wei Wu; Florida State University
Wed, Apr 20 4:00PM AUST 105  Bayesian Spatio-Temporal CAR Models for Tropical Diseases Outbreak Prediction Gavino Puggioni; University of Rhode Island
Wed, Apr 27 4:00PM AUST 105 Sieve Maximum Likelihood Regression Analysis of Bivariate Interval-censored Failure Time Data Jianguo Sun; University of Missouri

Colloquium is organized by Professor Xiaojing Wang.