Colloquia Spring 2013

Spring 2013 

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Wed, Jan 23 4:00PM
@AUST 344
Chris Parks,
Yuchen Fama,
Brien Aronov,
Weimiao Guo;
Travelers Insurance
An Overview of Analytic Function at Travelers Insurance – Applying Science to Drive Business ROI
Fri, Feb 08 10:30 AM
@AUST 344
Dr. Bertrand S. Clarke;
University of Miami
A Bayesian Criterion for Clustering Stability
Wed, Feb 13 4:00PM
@AUST 344
Hon Keung Tony Ng;
Southern Methodist University
Statistical Inference for Component Distribution from System Lifetime Data
Mon, Feb 18 4:00PM
@AUST 110
Haim Y. Bar;
Cornell University
A Bivariate Model for Simultaneous Testing in Bioinformatics Data
Wed, Feb 20 4:00PM
@AUST 344
Chuanhua Julia Xing;
Boston University
Statistical Methods to Explore Genetic Variant and Biological Networks for a Better Understanding of Human Diseases
Fri, Feb 22 10:30AM
@AUST 344
Alexander Tartakovsky;
University of Southern California
Quickest Change-point Detection: State-of-the Art and Recent Accomplishments
Mon, Feb 25 4:00PM
@AUST 110
Kun Chen;
Kansas State University
Source-sink Reconstruction through Regularized Multi-component Regression
Thu, Feb 28 5:00PM
@AUST 344
Long Qu;
Iowa State University
A Hierarchical Semiparametric Model for Incorporating Intergene Information for Analysis of Genomic Data
Fri, Mar 01 11:00AM
@AUST 344
Yuping Zhang;
The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
Principal Trend Analysis with Application to Time-course Genomic Data
Mon, Mar 04 4:00PM
@AUST 110
Michelle R. Danaher;
National Institutes of Health
New Approaches fer Censtraíned Bayesian Analysis
Wed, Mar 06 4:00PM
@AUST 344
Chunsheng Ma;
Wichita State University
Vector Random Fields with Second-Order Moments or Second-Order Increments
Fri, Mar 08 11:00AM
@AUST 344
Emily Kang;
University of Cincinnati
Spatial Analysis of High-Resolution Regional Climate-Change Projection over North America
Wed, Apr 17 4:00PM
@AUST 344
Michael Lavine;
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Massachusetts,
Joint UMass-UConn Colloqium: An Assessment of Climate Change in the Ocean, Mixed-layer Depth, and Subjective Likelihood
Mon, Apr 22 4:00PM
@AUST 344
Marcos O. Prates;
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
A Bayesian approach to estimate the abundance of anchovies in the coast of Peru
Wed, Apr 24 4:00PM
@AUST 344
Scott Holan;
University of Missouri
Ecological Prediction with Nonlinear Multivariate Time-Frequency Functional Data Models