Colloquia Fall 2013

Fall 2013 

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Wed, Aug 28 4:00PM
@AUST 105
University of Connecticut
Graduate students orientation
Wed, Sep 04 4:00PM
@AUST 105
University of Connecticut
Faculty presentation
Wed, Sep 11 4:00PM
@AUST 105
University of Connecticut
Faculty presentation
Wed, Sep 18 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Forrest Crawford;
Yale University
Birth, death, mutation, and diffusion in evolutionary biology: Markov models on random trees
Wed, Sep 25 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Myunghee Lee;
Colorado State University
Outlier Detection for High Dimension, Low Sample Size Data
Wed, Oct 02 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Recai Yucel;
University at Albany, SUNY
Improving the Coherence of Sequential Multiple Imputation
Wed, Oct 09 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Steven MacEachern;
Ohio State University
The Blended Paradigm: A Bayesian Approach to Handling Outliers and Misspecified Models
Wed, Oct 16 4:00PM
Lederle Graduate Research Tower (LGRT),
room 1634
Xiaojing Wang;
University of Connecticut
Estimating Shape Constrained Functions Using Gaussian Processes (Joint UConn-Umass Colloquium)
Wed, Oct 23 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Priya Kohli;
Connecticut College
Modelling Covariance for Incomplete Multivariate Longitudinal Data
Wed, Oct 30 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Sebastien Haneuse;
Harvard University
Bayesian semiparametric analysis of semi-competing risks data: Investigating hospital readmission after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis
Wed, Nov 06 4:00PM
@AUST 105
George Moustakides;
University of Patras
George Moustakides
Wed, Nov 13 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos;
Boston University
Rare events, Monte Carlo Methods and statistical inference for Multiscale Problems
Wed, Nov 20 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Weixin Yao;
Kansas State University
Finite mixture models and some of their extensions
Wed, Dec 04 4:00PM
@AUST 105
Zhiqiang Tan;
Rutgers University
Improved Minimax Estimation under Heteroscedasticity