Abidemi Adeniji

EMD Serono Research and Development Institute
Personal Website

Career Aspirations

To give back to the field of statistical science for which I owe much. I aspire to contribute to bringing a broader audience to the field of statistical science.

Research Interests

Survival Analysis, Data Science, Outcome Misclassification.

Selected Publications

  • Adeniji, AK, Belle, SH, Wahed, AS. Incorporating Diagnostic Accuracy into the Estimation of Discrete Survival Function, Journal of Applied Statistics 2014; Vol. 41, Issue 1.
  • Adeniji AK, Hsu JY, Wahed AS. Estimation of Discrete Survival Function for Error-Prone Diagnostic Tests. Pharmaceutical Statistics. 2017;1–16.
  • Joeng, HK, Adeniji, AK, Ting, N, Chen, MH (2017). Estimation of Discrete Survival Function through Modeling Diagnostic Accuracy for Mismeasured Outcome Data. (Submitted – under revision).
  • Adeniji, AK, and Chen, MH (2018). Testing for a Linear Cumulative Hazard Within a Single-Group (In preparation).
  • Adeniji, AK, Joeng, HK, Chen, MH (2019). A new statistical method for analyzing mismeasured discrete time survival data with applications (In preparation).
  • Atem, FD, Ngwa, JS, Adeniji, AK. Regression models for mixed over-dispersed Poisson and continuous clustered data: Modeling BMI and number of cigarette smoked per day. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods 2012, Vol. 11, Issue 1, Article 19.