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The Department of Statistics at the University of Connecticut was founded in 1962. As one of the major statistics departments in New England, it provides outstanding preparation for careers in academia, industry, or government. With a core faculty of 23 professors whose teaching and research interests span virtually all major statistical specializations, our department has received national and international recognition in graduate education and research. Graduates from UConn have found excellent positions in academics, government, and industry. We maintain close relationships with area companies and institutions, and our department is an active member of the American Statistical Association Connecticut chapter.


We are excited to announce the Paper of the Month:

Once a month during the academic year our faculty will select a paper which we encourage our students to read and discuss. Papers featured in this section should be generally understood by graduate students, and will be selected either because of their impact, or historical value, or because they contain useful (perhaps overlooked) techniques or results.

Friday, April 22, at 12:00 pm

Liu, Y., & Xie, J. (2020). Cauchy combination test: a powerful test with analytic p-value calculation under arbitrary dependency structures. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 115(529), 393-402.


Wednesday, August 31
Ming-Hui Chen, et al., UConn STAT
New graduate info session


Friday, April 29, 3:00 pm
Dr. Luke Keele, University of Pennsylvania
"Approximate Balancing Weights for Clustered Observational Study Designs"


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