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Id Authors Title
17-01 L. Benites, V.H. Lachos & H. Bolfarine Robust Regression Modeling of Censored Databased on Mixtures of Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions
17-02 L.M. Castro, W-L. Wang, V.H. Lachos, C.L. Bayes, V. Inácio Bayesian Semiparametric Modeling for HIV Longitudinal Data with Censoring and Skewness
17-03 J.A. Ordoñez, V.H. Lachos, C.R. Barbosa Cabral & D. Bandyopadhyay Geo-Statistical Estimation and Prediction for Censored Responses
17-04 L. Benites, V.H. Lachos & F.E. Vilca Quantile Regression Using the Asymmetric Laplace Distribution: Estimation and Case-Deletion Diagnostics
17-05 H. Li, M-H. Chen, J.G. Ibrahim, S. Kim, A.K. Shah, J. Lin & A.M. Tershakovec Bayesian Inference for Network Meta-Regression Using Multivariate Random Effects with Applications to Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
17-06 P.L. Ramos, D.K. Dey, F. Louzada & E. Ramos On Posterior Properties of the Two Parameter Gamma Family of Distributions
17-07 J.A. Ordoñez, C.E. Galarza & V.H. Lachos Spatial Censored Regression Models in R: The CensSpatial Package