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Ofer Harel

Professor, Director of Graduate Admissions

Office: AUST 320
Phone: (860) 486-6989
Personal Website

Research Interests

Methods for Handling Incomplete Data, Causal Inference, Verification Bias, Longitudinal Studies, Bayesian Methods, Sampling Techniques, Mixture Models, Latent Class and Latent Transition Analysis, and Statistical Consulting.

Selected Publications

  • (With Chaurasia, A.) 2015. Partial F-tests with multiply imputed data in the linear regression framework via coefficient of determination. Statistics in Medicine, 34(3), 432–443.
  • (With Siddique, J., Crespi, C.M. and Hedeker, D.) 2014. Binary variable multiple-model multiple imputation to address missing data mechanism uncertainty: Application to a smoking cessation trial. Statistics in Medicine, 33: 3013–3028.
  • (With Chung, H. and Miglioretti, D.) 2013. Latent class regression: inference and estimation with two-stage multiple imputation. Biometrical Journal, 55(4), 541–553.
  • (With Siddique, J. and Crespi, C.M.) 2012. Addressing missing data mechanism uncertainty using multiplemodel multiple imputation: application to a longitudinal clinical trial. Annals of Applied Statistics, 6(4), 1814-
  • (With Schafer, J.L.) 2009. Partial and latent ignorability in missing-data problems. Biometrika, 96, 37-50.