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Nitis Mukhopadhyay


Office: AUST 331
Phone: (860) 486-6144
Personal Website

Research Interests

Survey sampling, environmental sampling, clinical trails, and multivariate data analysis.

Selected Publications

  • 2014. On rereading D. Basu’s jointly sufficient statistic example made up of two ancillaries and miscellany. Sankhya, Series A, 76, 280- 287.
  • (With Sankha Muthu Poruthotage) 2014. Multiple crossing sequential fixed-size confidence region methodologies for a multivariate normal mean vector. Statistical Methodology, 21, 135-155.
  • (With Swarnali Banerjee) 2015. Sequential negative binomial problems and statistical ecology: A selected review with new directions. Statistical Methodology, 26, 34-60.
  • (With Shyamal K. De) 2015. Fixed-accuracy interval estimation of the common variance in a equi-correlated normal distribution. Sequential Analysis, 34, 364–386.