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Lynn Kuo


Office: AUST 330
Phone: (860) 486-2951
Personal Website

Research Interests

Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Bayesian Phylogenetics, Bayesian Computation, Survival Analysis, Nonparametric Bayesian Statistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Survey Sampling

Selected Publications

  • (With P.O. Lewis, W. Xie, M.H. Chen & Y Fan) Posterior Predictive Bayesian Phylogenetic Model Selection, Systematic Biology 2014; 63(3), 309-321.

  • (With R. Wu, M. H. Chen, P. O. Lewis) A New Method for Tracking Configuration for Dirichlet Process Sampling, Sri Lankan Journal of Applied Statistics, Special Issue: Modern Statistical Methodologies in the Cutting Edge of Science, December 2014, 1-24.

  • (With Z. Wei) 2014. Combining P Values for Gene Set Analysis, in Applied Statistics in Biomedicine and Clinical Trials Design: Selected Papers from 2013 ICSA/ISBS Joint Statistical Meetings, Eds: Zhen Chen, Aiyi Liu, Yongming Qu, Larry Tang, Naitee Ting, Yi Tsong, Springer, 495-518.

  • (With Z. Wei) 2014. Nonparametric Bayesian Functional Clustering for Time-Course Microarray Data, Statistics and Its Interface, V. 7, 543-557.