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Kun Chen

Assistant Professor

Office: AUST 314
Phone: (860)-486-4847
Personal Website

Research Interests

Dimension Reduction, Variable Selection, Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Computing, Statistical Ecology, Environmental Statistics, Bioinformatics, Public Health Applications.

Selected Publications

  • (With Mukherjee, A., Wang, N., and Zhu, J.) 2014. On the degrees of freedom of reduced-rank estimators in multivariate regression. Biometrika. 102 (2), 457-477.
  • With Yu, C. and Yao, W.) 2015. Outlier detection and robust mixture modeling using nonconvex penalized likelihood. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 164, 27-38.
  • (With Choi, S., Hoffman, A., Wenzel, E., Castro, M., Fain, S., Jarjour, N., Schiebler, L. and Lin, C.-L.) 2015. Quantitative assessment of multiscale structural and functional alterations in asthmatic populations. Journal of Applied Physiology, 118 (10), 1286-1298.
  • (With Stenseth, N.C. and Chan, K.-S.) 2014. Source-sink reconstruction through regularized multi-component regression analysis—with application to assessing whether North Sea cod larvae contributed to local fjord cod in Skagerrak. Journal of the American Statistical Association. Vol. 109 (506), 560-573.