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Haim Bar

Assistant Professor

Office: AUST 315
Phone: (860)-486-5455
Personal Website

Research Interests

High dimensional data, bioinformatics, statistical modeling, model selection.

Selected Publications

  • (With Booth, James G. and Wells, Martin T.) 2014. A Bivariate Model for Simultaneous Testing in Bioinformatics Data. Journal of the American Statistical Association. June 2014, Vol. 109, No. 506, Applications and Case Studies. DOI: 10.1080/01621459.2014.884502
  • (With Alexander, Elizabeth L.; Gardete, Susana; Wells, Martin T.; Tomasz, Alexander; Rhee, Kyu Y.)
    Intermediate-Type Vancomycin Resistance (VISA) in Genetically-Distinct Staphylococcusaureus Isolates is
    Linked to Speci c, Reversible Metabolic Alterations. To Appear. PLOS ONE.
  • (With Coate, Jeremy E.; Doyle, Je J.) 2014. Extensive Translational Regulations of Gene Expression in an Allopolyploid (Glycine dolichocarpa). The Plant Cell Online. Vol. 26. No. 1.
  • (With Athiphunamphai, Nongnuch; Cooley, Herbert J.; Padilla-Zakour, Olga I.) 2014. Heat treatment and turbo extractor rotational speed e ects on rheological 13and physic-chemical properties of varietal applesauce. Journal of Food Engineering. Vol. 136.