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Elizabeth Schifano

Assistant Professor, Faculty Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Office: AUST 317
Phone: (860)-486-6143
Personal Website

Research Interests

Biostatistics, Statistical Genomics, High-dimensional Data Analysis, Variable Selection.

Selected Publications

  • (With T. Sofer, J.A. Hoppin, L. Hou, and A. Bacarelli) 2013. A-clustering: A Novel Method for the Detection of Co-regulated Methylation Regions, and Regions Associated with Exposure. Bioinformatics, 29(22), 2884-2891.
  • (With L. Li, D.C. Christiani, and X. Lin) 2013. Genome-wide Association Analysis for Multiple Continuous Secondary Phenotypes. American Journal of Human Genetics, 92(5), 744-759.
  • (With R.L. Strawderman and M.T. Wells) 2013. Hierarchical Bayes, Maximum a Posteriori Estimators, and Minimax Concave Penalized Likelihood Estimation. Electronic Journal of Statistics, 7, 973-990.
  • (With M.P. Epstein, L.F. Bielak, M.A. Juhn, S.L.R. Kardia, P.A. Peyser, and X. Lin) 2012. SNP Set Association Analysis for Familial Data. Genetic Epidemiology, 36, 797-810.